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Best part, it's easily accessible for members ready to DIVE IN DEEPER on their own time.

PROgressing at what you LOVE to do, without all the pain and drain, takes a commitment to YOUR personal core training performance and weekly exercise programming.

Proof Is In The Pudding Right?

Hi there! My name is Josette (aka Jojo) and I’m here to help YOU GAIN MORE BODY CONTROL and AWARENESS over the movements you make daily, whether on the court, in a class, a training session or simply living and breathing daily.

It's time to SET A NEW STANDARD in what it means to be strong from the inside out and fit by 50!

With 30+ years in the exercise fields of Personal Training, Medical Exercise, and Professional Dance I can show you HOW to use your DEEPER CORE muscles to blast past any limitations, obstacles and pain - once and for all!

Who is this DEEP CORE DIVE for?

The SERIOUS exercise enthusiast!

What you'll be learning is a unique take on science based ‘stretch and strength’ exercise that is about reaching YOUR BEST performance EVER! (How else can progress happen exponentially?)

SIMPLY DIVE IN here TODAY to protect yourself (and your bones!) so you can move better TOMORROW.

As a joining member you get access to this FREE DEEP CORE TRAINING Secrets Webinar for Life! It's where you'll find the registration links for more advanced VIP programs like the 8 Week Primal Pattern Performance Challenge.

That’s it!

Showing up is up to you.
Leave the rest to me.

- Josette